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1995 Mercedes-Benz C280 W202 Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev - 139K

1995 Mercedes-Benz C280 W202

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Andy Lee : Love classic mercs especially the w202
Jeffrey LaPuente : The last “real” Mercedes Benz made, straight from Germany. I owned one of these; perfect sleeper car! I love the classic edgy Benz looks. Also doesn’t seem like it, but this thing can go. I hit 135MPH easily in this thing.
Quinn Robinson : This was my firsr car.hands down best car i ever drove. Up until tune up and repairs kick in lmao
My beautiful and amazing Princess : Mercedes is known for flat and hard seats ? Where I'm from Mercedes is known for comfort and quality.
Also the chime when the door is open isn't a annoying it's for your safety
Putzak : just bought one myself, very happy with it

2006 Mercedes-Benz C280 4MATIC - Acceleration, Driving and Tour

POV behind the wheel of the w203 C-Class with its rev happy 228hp 3 litre V6 w/ variable valve timing. 2006 was the last and best year for the w203 chassis.
Mmm Mmmm : Comfort mode no gas cars not warmed up ohh noooo ?
kevin auman : Better go get some gas
Xaioph : I just got this car for my first car!
MMS : Nice handling for an woman!!
Keep going
TheAtamikdog : Elegant looking car no matter what weather conditions bring her, love my 2006 C280 4matic.

We Bought a 1996 Mercedes Benz C280!

Thanks for watching!

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Frank Xu : Nice car
Michael Lee : As an original owner, I still own and drive my black 1996 Mercedes Benz C220 with 239,000 miles purchased it new at Mercedes Benz of Monterey (formerly Stahl Motor Co) Engine, timing chain, and transmission is still original. During my ownership I have replaced some typical wear and tear parts on the car however the car runs great. Thank you for sharing! My Best, M.L.
poppermonger : How'd it hold up for you so far? Just got one for my first car
Prod. By Terrell F : I have a white 99 c280, found it for 900
su1ac0 : In 1999 I bought a 94 C280 with only 14k miles on it, mint condition. I put 13 years and 255k miles on it and I miss it so much. Such a great little car and that m104 straight six is such a sweet, peppy, reliable engine.

2007 Mercedes Benz C280 4Matic Sedan Silver for sale

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