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How to Download & Install Safari Browser on Windows 7/8/10

How to download & install safari on windows 7, 8, 10 and vista, & XP.
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You can find a secure download from the link below..

apple website to have a look.

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Mohit Passi : in my safari brower youtube videos is not opening please help
Carie Halstead : STILL NOT at apple web site 18 mar 2018
Elijah Brown : cool
Gary D. Ford : No more safari browser in the apple/imac computer anymore?
TubeMint : Safari browser works differently and has easy navigation interface..

How To Download And Install apple Safari Browser For Windows (2019)

In this video I have shown how to download and install Apple Safari Web Browser onto your windows pc!

Download Link:-

Disclaimer: It doesn't feel good to have a disclaimer in every video but this is how the world is right now. All videos are for educational purpose and use them wisely. Any video may have a slight mistake, please take decisions based on your research. This video is not forcing anything on you.
BuzzNiche : That's a very old Safari.
Seth Clayburn : I just called Apple and they said they no longer support Safari for Windows, she said partly because most people use Chrome.. She also said this is the only version you download.. I don't want an old version of the Browser.. But like always Apple will realize they're mistake and fix it in about a year
Biowolf : Apple should of kept updating it for windows...
InforTRIQS Corp : Annoying by Apple no longer support Safari and QuickTIme
Eden Vladia : Safari for Windows hasn't been updated since May 9, 2012, it's extremely old and probably has a million unpatched security holes and bad compatibility with modern HTML5 websites. Using it in 2019 is a really bad idea especially since you have several secure up-to-date web browsers you can use for Windows like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi. There simply is no reason to use an insecure and out-of-date web browser like Safari on Windows.

FYI: I'm not hating on Apple, Safari on Mac OS and iOS is an excellent web browser, the Windows version is simply not updated by Apple anymore.

[NEW METHOD] Download Paid GAMES , APPS FREE iOS 10/10.2 With SAFARI No Jailbreak/NO PC iPhone iPad

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Hidden Camera Feature to Record Videos in BackGround iOS 10

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Clank The Hedgehog : What’s this music
Balasaheb Mhase : iphone play store video
Balasaheb Mhase : thanks
Nub nope -_- : You re my big hero in my live thankkksssssss ?
Fritz Bautista : What's the name of music

iOS 13 Safari Download Manager For iPhone & iPad - How to Use it

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With iOS 13 Apple introduced a brand new Safari download manager for iPad as well as for the iPhone, in this video I show you guys how to use the brand new iOS and iPadOS safari downloader

#ios13 #Safaridownloader #iPadOS #iPhone #Apple



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《 • CrystalCloudz • 》 : I’ve tried everything , I searched this
And i don’t think it will work
Because , it said it would download
It’s not there!!!
Plz help
Someone XD
Wipper Snapper : Safari doesn’t ask if I want to download anything
That download icon isn’t even there
V Rock & pop musical : Is this feature seriously that was available in 2.3 ginger bread android ?
Pandamonium : Shame it does not work on utube. Love ios13


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